Access to .dreyfus website and blog

business-dreyfus-81-150x150In order to access the website and blog .dreyfus, we invite you to change the DNS settings on your computer. This modification is reversible because the DNS addresses are defined by default in your PC, Mac, smartphones and come from ICANN.


1. You wish to access .dreyfus via a company network ?
Whether you have a MAC or PC, or if you access the internet with your smartphone connected to the WIFI network of your company, there is a good chance that you will not be able to set up your device to access .dreyfus. We advise you to contact your network administrator who will be able to tell you if he can modify the DNS settings or not.


The IP addresses to set up to access .dreyfus are:


2. To access .dreyfus via a personal device

a. With a laptop or a desktop computer

Your operating system is Windows

In order to make the DNS modification easy, Dreyfus offers you a plugin to download and to install.

1. Download it at this address.

2. Follow the instructions given in the “Read me” file, and

3. Restart your browser.


You have a MAC OS
No plugin exists for MAC. You can choose to modify your DNS settings manually. For this, follow this guide.


b. With a smartphone

– You have an Iphone

Follow this guide.

You have an Android phone

Follow this guide.


The DNS modification is easy and 100% reversible.

Once the modification is complete, open your browser and continue to use it as usual.

You can now go to : www.dreyfus and our blog page blog.dreyfus !


Enjoy your visit!


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New feature!
Dreyfus launches its website and blog in .dreyfus

Access .dreyfus

Trademark reform package – Deletion of the requirement for graphic representation

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Following our previous analysis of the modifications generated by the draft enactment project of the “Trademark Package” in French law, we focus our analysis here on the elimination of the graphical representation requirement.

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Analysis of the risk of confusion between a domain name and a trademark within the scope of the UDRP proceedings

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