AnticipateAt first it was years, then months, and now weeks. The unit for measuring time in companies has been shortened considerably during the last ten years, forcing numerous sectors to constantly reinvent themselves. To cope with the competitive challenges apparent in this instantaneous world, having the vision to anticipate change is extremely beneficial.

Harnessing tools that utilize the latest in technological innovations make it possible to succeed in this digital world.  Equipped with such, Dreyfus can offer to you a unique and vital advantage when it comes to understanding the challenges linked to digital technology.

Discover Dreyfus’ consultation services and its innovative software tools.

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No exclusive right on the image of property

Posted on 9 January 2019

The image of property cannot be subjected to an exclusive right. This is also valid for public domain properties, as stated in the Council of State’s decision dated April 13, 2018. (CE  13-4-2018 n°397047, Etablissement public du domaine national de Chambord c/ Société Kronenbourg). In this case, the Kronenbourg company used a photography of Chambord […]

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The key takeaways from the last ICANN63 meeting

Posted on 8 January 2019

At the last ICANN meeting held in October 2018, several topics were discussed, here are the key takeways from the ICANN 63

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