MeasureThreats or opportunities to your business can occur anytime and anywhere in the world. In order to act fast, you need first to be informed. What should be monitored? At what time? And by which means? How do you avoid drowning in a sea of data?

Dreyfus offers monitoring services and measures that will adapt to your business. This provides the assurance that you will know when decisions are necessary, and how to react.

Presentation of Dreyfus’ monitoring services.

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The coordination between trademarks law and Evin Law on alcohol trademarks

Posted on 12 March 2019

The principle of specialty, which has long been accepted in trademarks law, signifies that the owner of a trademark has a monopoly on that sign, but only for the goods and services it designates. However, the application of this principle should be qualified when alcoholic beverage products come into play.

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Brexit and intellectual property : the important issues

Posted on 28 February 2019

Brexit will affect trademarks law, domain names and personal data. It is therefore essential to understand the upcoming changes in order to get ready.

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