Wide range of services and innovative approach to new technologies

Dreyfus, expert des nouvelles technologies

Dreyfus, expert in New Technologies

Dreyfus assists companies in management and valorization, when confronting problems associated with their intellectual property titles (trademarks, designs, copyrights, domain names and patents) in the business realm and on the internet.

Listening to the ever-changing needs of legal professionals and executives, the firm has implemented an internet monitoring service that monitors domain names, social networks and Google Adwords.

Dreyfus advises companies regarding the acquisition, the valorization and the defense of their rights in France or abroad. Clients can then benefit fully from their ability to anticipate amicable settlements or litigations.

Dreyfus also intervenes in the form of legal consultation, advising clients on particular aspects of intellectual property, such as, for example, registrability and prior rights searches in France, in the European Union and worldwide. We assist in the fight against counterfeit as well as with various tax aspects.

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No exclusive right on the image of property

Posted on 9 January 2019

The image of property cannot be subjected to an exclusive right. This is also valid for public domain properties, as stated in the Council of State’s decision dated April 13, 2018. (CE  13-4-2018 n°397047, Etablissement public du domaine national de Chambord c/ Société Kronenbourg). In this case, the Kronenbourg company used a photography of Chambord […]

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The key takeaways from the last ICANN63 meeting

Posted on 8 January 2019

At the last ICANN meeting held in October 2018, several topics were discussed, here are the key takeways from the ICANN 63

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