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business-dreyfus-5The digital revolution facilitates counterfeiting and infringement of intellectual property rights. In the Internet era, this infringement can happen anywhere. It is carried out by an increasingly wide range of offenders, at times very experienced and sometimes completely unaware of the legal implications of their acts. The multiplication and diversification of these acts make their authors more difficult to identify with each passing day.  

Dreyfus offers your company a service dedicated to monitoring specific Trademarks that enables immediate detection of violations that require the defense of your company rights. This system ensures a quick response to minimize the impact on your business and focus on a dispute resolution without legal proceedings.

To help you effectively fight against the violation of your intellectual property rights, the Dreyfus IPweb ® platform has an automated system that allows the systematic identification of similar domain names reserved in generic extensions (gTLDs) such as .Com, .net, .fr and .org, but also in geographic extensions such as .of,, .jp, .it and new gTLDs (.skiing, .organic, .paris, .apps, etc.). Dreyfus IPweb ® also supports the monitoring of social networks and paid advertising. All these results are then analyzed by our lawyers who decide with your company the best way to bring resolution. Learn more about Dreyfus IPweb ®.



Monitoring of your company trademarks on the internet:

  • Among Internet domain names on an international scale.
  • Among auction websites such as eBay, Yahoo and Chinese websites such as Taobao.
  • Among online paying advertisements “Google Adwords” offered by Google (commercial links).
  • Among social networks such as Facebook®, Linkedin®, Twitter®, Dailymotion®, Youtube®, Instagram® and Pinterest®.
  • Among online market places.

Monitoring of your company trademarks:

  • In France, Europe and internationally.
  • Among trading names in every selected country.
  • Among books and movie titles.
  • At customs level in France, as well as in the European Union and internationally.
  • Among mobile applications (smartphones and tablets) : ITunes for iPhone & iPad, Google Play for Android phones.


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Trademark reform package – Changes regarding the invalidity proceedings

Posted on 26 June 2019

Our study of the draft orders transposing the Directive (EU) 2015/2436 of the European Parliament and of the Council of December 16, 2015, leads us today to examine the invalidity action. The owner of an earlier mark who is instituting invalidity proceedings may now be opposed by the defendant non-use of the earlier mark. In addition, the invalidity action becomes imprescriptible.

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The EUIPO and EURid have launched a new monitoring service for .eu and .ею domain name registrations.

Posted on 24 June 2019

On May 20 2019, EUIPO and EURid announced in two separate press releases that they have launched a new monitoring service for domain names in .eu and .ею (See EUIPO press release and EURid press release).

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