Brand clearance in the area of industrial property

How to check the availability of the trademark, domain name, designs or invention you wish to protect?

Before filing, Dreyfus assesses the risks for your trademark to be confronted with an objection from a trademark office or from third parties.

The first step in the protection of your intellectual assets is therefore to verify that there is no holder of prior rights in France, in Europe or in the world. This step is essential for the creation of long-lasting assets, all the more so in the digital age. Indeed, beyond the “classiccounterfeiting, new technologies make the environment in which companies evolve more complex.

Before reserving your domain name, it is critical to verify that it does not infringe a prior right, such as a trademark, a corporate name or another domain name.

If our search reveals that your trademark is too similar to another already protected trademark, Dreyfus will advise you to find a sustainable solution.