Brand Clearance

The first step to protect your IP asset is to verify that there are no prior rights attached to it and that it is available.

Dreyfus will ensure the availability of the trademark, domain name, design or invention you wish to protect.

The first step to take in order to protect your IP assets is to verify that no prior rights are attached to it and that it is available.

Dreyfus ensure that your trademark, domain name, designs or invention are available prior to registration.

If prior rights are identified, we will guide you on how to modify your trademark, name, design and/or goods and services referenced in the registration to avoid third party infringement.

Nevertheless, a domain name can be available, and still infringe third-party rights.

Before reserving your domain name, it is critical to verify that it does not infringe a prior right, such as a trademark, a corporate name or even another domain name.