Nowadays, properly leveraging your digital footprint is essential for businesses’ success.

The exploitation of a website can affect significantly your income and business, whether operating in a business-to-customer or a business-to-business environment.


Specialized in digital law and digital economy, Dreyfus assists you in every step related to setting up a website. Furthermore, Dreyfus will ensure you are complying with all the applicable laws and regulations.

e-commerce intellectual property

General Terms and Conditions


Our team helps you in drafting your general terms and conditions of sale and use. The general conditions regulate and provide a framework for the commercial relationship, between the customer and the seller or service provider. It is strongly recommended to use this type of document in order to establish precise conditions and effective legal certainty, as well as to prevent any litigation.


Privacy Policy


French law sets out obligations relating to collection of personal data. The exploitation of a website for commercial purposes often leads to collection of such data. Therefore, it is necessary to specify, in a confidentiality policy, the measures implemented in order to comply with the legislation in force, in particular regarding the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).


Legal notices


Any communication supporting your products or services requires the disclosure of mandatory information, to ensure transparency. This is achieved through a legal notice. Every website must contain a legal notice indicating, among other things, the identity of the person posting the information. In order to comply with both the legal requirements and their evolutions, our experienced team is there to support you in drafting your legal notices.