Social Media

These days, a high volume of business activity takes place online and the brand visibility on the Internet is becoming stronger and stronger. As a result, new issues arise for brands, designs and domain names.

Protecting your company’s presence on the internet may be at the heart of your strategy but it is an increasingly complex concept.

  • The use of advertising communication for brands, particularly for sponsored links such as Google Adwords
  • Controlling brand presence on social networks like Facebook and Twitter 
  • Promoting internationally known brands in e-commerce, sometimes in addition to official distribution contracts

Social networks offer trademark owners the opportunity to communicate directly with potential customers, while increasing the risk of infringements of their rights.

actifs immatériels

Dreyfus regularly protects rights holders and their intangible assets on the internet, both nationally and internationally.

We have a proven track record of advising businesses of all sizes on the management of their online presence and the defense of their rights against infringement or cybersquatting on social media.