Resolving IP disputes through Mediation in France

Dreyfus & associés, in association with INTA, had the pleasure of organizing a breakfast debate last February.

The theme of the breakfast debate was the following:

Resolving IP disputes through Mediation in France“.


Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution on the rise in different fields of law, notably in intellectual property law. This alternative dispute resolution is an efficient mechanism to settle disputes. In the long term, resorting to mediation in intellectual property law might encourage parties to maintain or create business relationships (licensing, distribution contract, etc).




We had the opportunity to debate on:




– What are the pros and cons of mediation relating to intellectual property disputes?

– What are the obstacles to mediation for IP disputes?

– What is the process for mediation?

– Who is the mediator?

– How much does it cost?

– Future of mediation in intellectual property law


The event featured Rémi Garros-Quinn, a Legal Case Manager at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Arbitration and Mediation Center, and Berengère Clady, Case Manager – Head of ADR Department, at the Centre for Mediation and Arbitration of Paris (CMAP). It was hosted by local IP law firm Dreyfus & Associés.


Find here the note published in INTA Bulletin.