The IP Pass by INPI (The National French Institute for Industrial Property)



Here at Dreyfus we are excited to inform you that there is a new way to obtain an innovative, low cost solution to help you and your company develop your Intellectual Property assets. 

You could be eligible for the IP PASS, which is a program that has been set up by the INPI (the National French Institute for Industrial Property) that enables covering part of the costs incurred for managing Intellectual Property matters.


Dreyfus & Associés  is a registered member on the list of both the Ile-de- France and Grand Est regional delegations. This means that our services can be financed by the IP PASS



What is the purpose of the IP PASS?


With the IP PASS, the INPI can cover the operations related to Intellectul Property for SMEs (small and medium sized enterprises) for up to50% of the costs or up to €3000 in total. . This program allows an organization to finance for up to three  services in the life of the company with three  distinct IP PASSes for a total amount of €10 000. In this case, half of the cost, which is € 5000 euros is covered and paid by the INPI).


Who is Eligible and What is Required?


– Your organization must be  a legal entity with a commercial entity being  SA, SAS or SARL.

– Your company must be an SME (small or medium-sized enterprise) as defined by the INSEE.

– Your organization must not have more than 25% of the capital held by an entity that does not meet the two previous requirements.


How Can You Obtain an  IP PASS?


This program is managed by the INPI’s regional delegation. . Therefore, it will be necessary to contact the appropriate INPI’s regional office in order to assess whether the needs of the company can be taken into account in accordance to their requirements.


Thanks to the IP PASS, we can offer you personalized support at a lower cost. Do You Meet All The Requirements?  Do You Need More Information? If you are not sure, don’t hesitate to read our blog article here for more information.