Personal data protection Law

In the era of digital business transformation, data are crucial in our economy, whether they are personal or not.

personal data protection


The European General Data Protection Regulation of 27 April 2016 (GDPR) has significantly changed the legal framework of data collection. The Directive provides for several obligations towards data controllers, such as transparency standards when collecting data or giving information to users.





With their technical expertise and knowhow, our experts aim to ensure that your interfaces can be developed under optimal conditions. We offer you various and efficient services to ensure that your website complies with these new obligations.

Audit and compliance with current regulations

Why is performing an audit so important?

Whether your project consists of creating a website, editing an application, creating an e-commerce platform, designing software or developing a new marketing strategy, the issue of collecting personal data is unavoidable.

Dreyfus assists you to correctly assess the compliance of your website or your marketing strategy.

GDPR compliance

At the end of the assessment, our experts write a detailed report and, where necessary, a priority-based action plan.

Our law firm will inform, advise and assist you to take effective measures such as:


–  Impact analyses

–  Privacy Policy

–  Subcontracting of personal data (hosting, maintenance, etc.)

–  Standard contractual clauses

–  Binding corporate rules

–  Archiving rules

–  IT charters

–  Legal terms (cookie management policy, contact forms etc.)

Why rely on our services?

The territorial scope of the activity concerned, the nature and the extent of the collected data vary from one entity to another. Thanks to our technical and legal skills, particularly in IT law, coupled with our experience in entrepreneurship, we are able to provide you with sound advice that takes all of your legal issues into account