Clients access to the Dreyfus IPweb® platform

Dreyfus has established the internet platform that is intuitive and interactive.

This Dreyfus IPweb® platform aims to consolidate and summarize all the information that we make available to our customers. Dreyfus IPweb® has become a shared reference for the firm and its clients. The tool is available as an extranet from a standard browser.

Clients access IPweb platform®

The system consists of several modules:

The trademark management module offers full access to the portfolio entrusted to Dreyfus. It allows a quick overview of the protection status of a sign, while providing the most detailed information on each registered title or current registration information.

The domain names module provides standard registration functions in an intuitive environment, while enjoying a unique interface for managing intellectual property rights.

The monitoring module provides consolidated access to all of the firm’s proposed monitoring: trademarks, domain names, social networking and paid advertising. The different results are analyzed by our legal experts.

This platform also allows you to search online for the current status of files as well as any deadlines related to files, trademarks and domain names.

The Dreyfus IPweb® tool, enables Dreyfus to work flexibly and efficiently with its customers. Dreyfus IPweb® allows the traceability of files and instructions received by e-mail and/or directly in Dreyfus IPweb®.

Reporting can also be received by e-mail and / or directly via the platform.

The rights management in Dreyfus IPweb® is particularly fine-tuned, particularly in limiting user access to certain folders or trademarks.

IPweb platform®