The Dreyfus team supports you in making your business compliant with the latest standards, as well as in implementing effective strategies to fight against internet infringements.

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We support you in setting up domain name monitoring tools to counter such infringements, particularly on social media.

Why should Intellectual Property be integrated into compliance plans?

Digitalization is a fundamental element for company competitiveness and growth, but intellectual property risks should not be overlooked.

New risks such as cybersquatting, phishing, and data theft have emerged and many others have increased, such as the risk of counterfeiting, fraud or damage to your image and reputation.

Faced with these dangers, many regulatory measures have been taken at a national and European level, targeting non-compliance in intellectual property matters.

It is important to establish an appropriate strategy to protect companies and their executives. It is therefore essential to integrate intellectual property risks into compliance programs in order to limit them and anticipate corrective actions.

It is advisable to implement a compliance strategy that takes into account an intellectual property dimension, one that is adapted to your business in order to control risks by establishing tolerance levels.

Dreyfus offers you its expertise in Intellectual Property.


In particular, we can help you in the following areas:

In Trademark matters, especially when the wording is not suitable, the trademark is not registered or not available, the risks of counterfeiting, forfeiture of your rights, appropriation or difficulty in valuing the name.

Matters of Designs and Models, with the risks of disclosure, inaccurate filing, ownership, lack of rights and infringement.

In Domain Names, to monitor the risks of phishing, Fake President Fraud, false accounts on social networks, identity theft, Operator Identity Statement fraud, and the presence of MX servers.

In Copyright matters, to combat the risks of counterfeiting,  infringements of moral rights, the right of disclosure of the work, respect for the work, and authorship of the work.

In matters of Patents, to fight against the risks of disclosure, ownership or uniqueness of the invention.

Our law firm also supports you with all compliance issues by offering a complete and efficient compliance program in collaboration with our partner Cogethos.

This combined expertise guarantees companies and their executives maximum security against the risks of non-compliance, with solutions adapted to their needs.

These services include:

Setting up a customized Target Operating Mode (TOM) for the treatment of AML/TF alerts.

Improvement and optimization of AML/TF tools (scenarios, parameters, thresholds….)

Outsourcing the treatment of AML/TF alerts.

Audit and control missions: evaluation of systems with recommendations for improvement.

Training:deliver training dedicated to AML/TF risks.

Implementation of measures : process and procedures.

Screening of cross-border transactions

Improvement and optimization of sanctions related tools (Sanctions lists, rate of similarity….).

Outsourcing the treatment of screening related alerts (i) transactions processed (ii) existing databases (iii) potential new customers.

Trainings: deliver training dedicated to International sanctions related risks.

Implementation of measures : process and procedures.

Customized risk rating system

Outsourcing of file processing (CDD and EDD for sensitive files).

Audit missions and control: evaluation of systems with recommendations for improvement.

Training: delivering training courses dedicated to KYX and scoring models.

Implementation of the measures : process and procedures.

Preparation for potential audits from AFA or any other regulatory body.

Audit missions and control: evaluation of systems with recommendations for improvement.

Training: deliver training dedicated to the fight against corruption.

Risk mapping: global and detailed for all the above topics

Financial Security solutions for Digital banks: pre-defined and customized setup to manage all above risks.

Other projects linked to the above topics

You can find more information from our partner Cogethos.