Strategically protecting your intellectual property rights and preventing disputes is our main objective.

However, in the event you face a conflict, our litigation team is there to defend you. We have extensive experience in defending clients’ rights, both in the physical world and online, in relation to their trademarks, patents, designs, copyrights and domain names.

Whenever possible we encourage alternative out of court settlements, but when that is not possible, our team has the experience to structure effective strategies to achieve the best commercial result for our clients.

We are particularly active in disputes related to infringement, invalidity or forfeiture, unfair competition and parasitism.

Our approach is highly hands on and personalized to assist our clients who are often faced with brand enforcement issues, including complex online aspects.

We take extra steps to ensure our recommendations are clear and straight forward, and streamline our processes to make everything as easy as possible for our clients.

We act in French, EU and international courts, and work with a global network of like-minded referral firms with which we have built strong relationships.

This means that our clients are supported by the same overall strategy and approach in any given jurisdiction.

Dreyfus & associés accompanies you on the subjects of: