Conscious of the need to integrate social, economic and environmental concerns about our business, we have adopted an internally promoted approach to corporate social responsibility that reflects the company's values and commitments.

Dreyfus helps facilitate the access to intellectual property to everyone.

The firm is part of the EUIPO’s list of ProBono service providers. As such, we offer 3 hours of our time, free of charge and without any remuneration, to support companies and individuals who need assistance regarding their trademark filing projects or the defense of existing rights.

For personalized support in terms of intellectual property, there is a 5-step procedure to follow

Dreyfus is proud to promote diversity and the respect for cultural and personal differences. Our lawyers and staff reflect this diversity through the range of their different backgrounds and languages spoken.

Dreyfus has also adopted the Respect Zone label, an association that promotes respect on the internet in an effort to combat cyber violence, racism, anti-Semitism, sexism, homophobia, terrorism, harassment, and prejudice against people with disabilities.

Joining the association is easy: go to the website, accept the terms and conditions, and download the Respect Zone logo tomake the internet a safer place!

Dreyfus has introduced a number of environmentally-friendly initiatives. We have adopted a strict recycling policy for waste and keep the use of plastic to a minimum. We have a filtered water machine for use in our conference rooms.

Dreyfus is honored to be a part of the Circle of Patron Companies of the Tokyo Art Club. Dreyfus is proud to promote culture and contemporary art by contributing to the development of programming at the Palais de Tokyo, its international influence, and the promotion of emerging artists.

We are often asked to share our views and expertise on the latest developments in intellectual property and digital law. As an active contributor to our profession, we regularly take on speaking engagements at specialized French and international conferences.