The Legal Expert in Intellectual Property


Technicality and technicity are at  the heart of Intellectual Property. Therefore, resorting to Experts is often mandatory to analyze, explain or interpret an invention of an Inventor or Creator’s innovative or creative  technical points.

Nathalie Dreyfus, has been a registered Industrial Property Councillor and Founded  Dreyfus & Associés, in 2009.


Nathalie is a Legal Expert before the Paris Court of Appeal for the specialty E.09.02 Industrial Property – Trademarks. In December, 2022, she was was named as a Legal Expert before the French Cour de cassation (Supreme Court) for the same specialty.


Nathalie and her team at Dreyfus scan provide impartial expertise on technical aspects of Intellectual Property  whereby a Judge can issue a decision. The Expert may be requested directly by the Judge in the context of a proceeding but the expertise can also be rendered at the initiative of one of the parties (private expertise).


This  expertise allows inter alia (among other things) the ability to evaluate the damages caused by an infringement of an Intellectual Property right.




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