In his guide Crise d’origine cyber, les clés d’une gestion opérationnelle et stratégique, Guillaume Poupard, Chief Executive Officer of ANSSI, mentions that “there are two types of organization: those that have already been the victim of a cyber-attack and those that will most likely become the victim of a cyber-attack.”

Currently, attacks on the Internet and especially on social networks, are growing exponentially. Therefore, it is necessary to defend your intangible assets.

Cybersecurity aims to fight against data and asset attacks, through relying on regulation, tools, security features, management methods and best practices. These measures can take various forms:

Cybercrime: identity theft to obtain personal information, phishing, or the practice of ransomware, which involves encrypting personal data without the victim’s knowledge in order to put pressure on the latter.

Damage to the image: whether it is an attack consisting of a denial of service that makes a site unavailable or a “defacement” attack that allows the attacker to change the pages of your site, these attacks have a common objective: destabilizing your company.

How to anticipate cybersecurity risks?

The first step is to establish and develop several measures:

• Define your strategic objectives: our team helps you determine which assets should be protected first and by what means

• Development of a strategy to defend your assets on the Internet

Identification of processes that are subject to IT fraud and sensitive information: the Dreyfus law firm can assist you in identifying your company’s sensitive data and establishing the best protection strategy

Sensibilization and implementation of a charter of cyber-reflexes: cybersecurity training. The Dreyfus team supports you during the training of your teams through the implementation of «cyber-reflexes» but also through practical and operational advice that is adapted to your activity.

How do I protect my assets with cybersecurity?

The protection of your assets is both preventive, to limit any damage and to ensure that an effective strategy is established in case damage occurs, and repressive in order to act as quickly as possible and to put an end to the disorder.

Dreyfus will assist you in all these matters. On the one hand, we provide you with the following preventive services:

 • Security audit

• Implementation of a litigation strategy

• Developing secure processes for each treatment at risk: allowing to act quickly in case of a trademark violation and thus limit and stop the disorder as quickly as possible

Monitoring your Intellectual Property assets using our Artificial Intelligence tools: the Dreyfus team has technological tools that are capable to detect any possible damage to your assets on the Internet.

In the event of an incident, it is essential to organize oneself in order to act in a repressive manner:

 • Incident management: in correlation with the measures being carried out, our team coordinates, supervises and handles the incident effectively

Investigation and coordination of responses between internal departments and relevant third parties

Action with the competent authorities: in case of a cyberattack, specific procedures with the competent authorities (such as the CNIL and l’ANSSI in France) need to be initiated. Our team of experts is competent to initiate these procedures and will ensure that the incident will be dealt with properly.

The Dreyfus firm is constantly up-to-date with the latest legal developments to offer you effective strategies to successfully protect and defend your rights online.

Thanks to its expertise in the protection of innovation and its expertise in intellectual property rights on the Internet, Dreyfus & Associates will be able to assist you to successfully defend your assets on the Internet.