The Firm’s Values

Dreyfus's values are the core of our daily practice

Easily leading you into a complex universe

The Dreyfus team is committed to provide support as well as a personal and adapted solution to each of our clients.

Our purpose? To establish a privileged relationship with our clients in order to identify their needs as much as possible while anticipating any dispute that could slow down or obstruct their projects.



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Dreyfus's history

To do this, the firm relies on the quality and expertise of its team, summed up in our values:

Quality and rigor

The firm consists of a team of experts in literary and artistic property, industrial property, digital law, blockchain, …

The experience and know-how of the members of the firm are at the disposal of our clients.


Whether it is protecting and developing our clients’ assets or defending their rights, reactivity, especially as regards to Internet infringements, is one of Dreyfus’ main priorities.


Facing the new stakes brought by the Internet and new technologies, innovation is one of the key values of the firm in order to offer our clients the best quality of advice. Especially regarding to the new technologies and the stakes they generate. For this purpose, the Dreyfus law firm has chosen to surround itself with a team of experts that are able to anticipate risks regarding your activity, and to propose adequate solutions.


Our values are expressed through the privileged relationships that we establish with our clients. Availability and the ability to listen are fundamental elements of these relationships and allow us to identify the needs and expectations of each of our clients.


It is important for Dreyfus & Associates to commit itself to provide advice being adapted to the needs of our clients while taking into account their budgetary limits. Furthermore, our team is committed to be transparent towards our clients. The firm carries out its activities in compliance with the deontology of Industrial Property Attorneys, a profession regulated by the internal rules of the CNCPI.