Online Brand Enforcement

Today, more than ever before, companies are faced with an inevitable challenge: to maintain a strong presence on social media platforms. However, with increased online exposure comes the threat of intellectual property infringements. In the event of such violations, Online Brand Enforcement comes into play

The fast-paced development of the Internet in recent years has met a dramatic increase of intellectual property risks such as cybersquatting, phishing, trademark infringements, counterfeiting, and spam.

Protection des marques en ligne

At Dreyfus, we have developed IPweb, an innovative tool that allows us to monitor and detect any threat such as IP filings identical or similar to yours. It covers efficient monitoring of your intellectual property assets (trademarks, domain names) on all social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin, as well as advertising platforms such as Google AdWords.

Monitoring is a powerful tool that Dreyfus utilises for an optimal and durable protection of your trademark. In other words, we detect potential infringements, then analyse the contentious situation at hand to formulate the best-suited strategy. It should be noted that a successful trademark registration by no means guarantee an immunity to infringement.

Our team assists you at every step in setting up, protecting and defending your online presence, whether it be through a mobile application or any other social media activity.

Online Brand Enforcement: Our social networks and applications protection services

Dreyfus offers its internationally renowned expertise to its clients and assists them to manage an effective online brand enforcement, both on a national and international level.

♦  Conducting feasibility studies for your online projects.

♦  Filing trademarks, designs and models, etc.

♦  Ensuring trademark protection, regarding advertising, communication and sponsored links such as Google AdWords

♦  Drafting contracts (General terms and conditions of sale, privacy policy, provision of service)

♦  Warranty of protection of personal data (Cookies policy, general conditions of the site, general sale conditions)

Most importantly, Dreyfus provides proficient and top-tier monitoring of your trademarks, domain names, social networks and designs on the Internet.

Thanks to our innovative Dreyfus IPweb® solution, we are able to monitor and automatically detect trademark filings that are identical or similar to yours and to take steps against any potential infringement before a similar trademark enters the market. We provide direct access to a company’s domain name monitoring services. Your trademarks are constantly monitored and you will be swiftly alerted in the event of a breach.

Our trademark services

Our team helps you assess the similarity of the signs and the products/ services, the chances of success and measures that should be taken. It is important to act as quickly as possible and to contact the third-party applicant at an early stage, by sending them a warning, a letter of formal notice or even by filing an opposition against the trademark application to ensure that the said applicant uses an alternative name.

Our domain names services

At Dreyfus, we offer comprehensive and responsive domain name monitoring services for our clients :

♦  Prioritising our research among all extensions (gTLDs, ccTLDs, new gTLDs and blockchain extensions such as .eth, .crypto, .dcl, etc.).

♦  Blacklisting of withdrawal notices with relevant platforms platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter)

♦  We perform the acquisition, sale and transfer of domain names through UDRP and URS procedures

♦  Drafting and sending formal notices of rights to third party registrants or technical providers, for top level domain names as well as blockchain domains

♦  Implementation of a domain name governance policy including the implementation of an optimized naming strategy :

Commercial policy analysis,

Analysis of trademark ranking,

Analysis of trademark and domain name consistency,

Identification and securing of strategic names,

Associated deposit and defense strategy / optimal cybersecurity strategy,

A highly secure domain name management platform.

♦  Monitoring and protection of your trademarks among domain names via a warning system from our surveillance tools.

♦  Blocking of the domain name by the registrant, deactivation of the registrant’s account, deactivation of mail servers.

♦  Alternative Dispute Resolution Actions(ADR): URS, UDRP / legal actions.

Our fight against cybersquatting

The Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) has been established by the ICANN in 1999 for the resolution of disputes between a domain name registrant and a third party over the abusive registration and use of the domain name. It was the first extra-judicial domain name recovery procedure set up to fight cybersquatting.

💡At Dreyfus, we guarantee optimised protection and defense of your intellectual property assets!

Out-of-court proceedings have a number of advantages. In fact, their cost is lower than that of legal proceedings. Moreover, the delivery of decisions in out-of-court proceedings is generally fast and it is possible to initiate proceedings for an almost unlimited number of domain names.

Choosing an arbitration center for UDRP complaints is delicate and requires consideration on a case-by-case basis depending on the environment of the dispute. This choice must be made based on the complexity of the case but on what our clients wish to obtain in return.

Dreyfus can assist you in any UDRP procedure, local or worldwide, and help you build the best strategy to protect your rights and managing your domain names portfolio.