NFT Compliance

Better NFT compliance


For any new exciting project, NFT compliance is usually given the least attention, yet its importance should never be underestimated. Why? Because incompliance with the regulator’s guidelines could put your business at great risk for possible default and a negative trademark reputation.





While it might seem easier to focus only on what’s inside your organization, paying attention to what external regulators require will save your business many future headaches and infinitely more peace of mind.

In general, here are the sources of compliance rules that must be adhered to :
• National, European and US regulations
• Anti-money laundering regulations (this in particular address a significant risk NFTs are exposed to, as NFTs can be used as instruments to promote/participate in the financing of criminal activities
Data protection regulations
National and international tax regulations

At, we help ensure that all your intellectual properties, both tangibles and intangibles assets, are in full compliance with almost any regulator. Our dedicated team of experts around the world specialise in the laws and rules of your local jurisdiction, and could ensure that your organisation adheres to the strictest regulatory conditions, while minimizing  the use of  resources in your business.

Become Compliance Ready Starting Today

Interested how you can ensure your business, NFTs, domain names, and intellectual property are 100% compliant across all regulators? Speak to one of our experts today who can help you navigate the complexities of compliance with ease, so you can focus on the highest ROI activities inside your business.