How to protect your works by copyright?

Have you considered protecting your works through copyright?

Whether you are a creator, a start-up, a small and medium-sized firm, or a large company, it is essential to defend your copyright!

protecting copyrights

How to protect your copyright?

Copyright is regulated by a specific regime distinct from industrial property rights. No prior administrative formalities are required to claim protection under this right. Nonetheless, your creation must meet certain criteria in order to fall under the scope of protection.
Copyrighted works are broadly understood. For example: songs, logos, photographs, software, graphic works, databases, designs, etc.

For works such as designs, you can even benefit from an enhanced protection through combining different intellectual property rights . Dreyfus will assist you in determing whether these rights could be cumulated and will support you in your protection strategy.

The Dreyfus team also supports you in the exploitation of your creations and drafts «creative commons» licensing agreements for you.

Our team of experts is at your disposal to provide you with more information on these rights and to give them full effectiveness thanks to our solid expertise in the field.

Dreyfus is qualified to assist you in drafting and negotiating contracts and will accompany you every step of the way:

• Drafting and negotiating contracts for the assignment and the exploitation of rights (representation & reproduction)
• Drafting and negotiating representation, publishing and audio-visual production contracts
• Writing agreements to secure your situation
• Managing the notifications for the purpose of removing illegal content being sent to hosts
• Litigation on counterfeiting and other related offences (actions against illegal internet downloads and streaming platforms, against publishers and users of software programmes that is undoubtedly intended to provide access to copyright protected works, etc.)

Why is the exploitation of your rights such a crucial step?


The author owns an exclusive right to exploit his work in any form and to make a pecuniary profit from it throughout his life (article L.123-1 of the CPI)

How to secure your copyrights?

In order to guarantee the effectiveness of your copyrights and to provide proof in the event of a dispute, it is recommended that you take steps to ensure that the publishing dates of your creations are well-documented.
As the deposit of a Soleau envelop is cost-effective and advantageous, it is considered to be a viable solution.

Our team of experts will advise you and assist you on the various steps that need to be taken, such as:

• Drafting agreements that will secure your situation and preserve your claims;
• filing a request to intervene with customs.

How to defend and enhance your rights on the Internet?

Internet is the most conducive environment for counterfeiting. Being recognized for its expertise in digital law, our firm will use all its knowhow to defend and/or assert your rights and interests, in particular for the following services:

Copyright infringement claims for the removal of disputed content
• Elaboration of a pre-litigation strategy against acts of counterfeiting and similar offences
• Develop your web activities in accordance with current copyright laws

Our firm is known to settle disputes in an amicable manner.