Contract law

The Dreyfus team assists you in negotiating and/or drafting tailor-made contracts, in order to guarantee their quality, legal relevance and security.

Thanks to its cross-disciplinary skills, our contract law team is able to determine which contract best suits your needs and, consequently, to draft them accordingly. Dreyfus can namely assist you in regards with:

droit des contrats de propriété intellectuelle

IP contract law

♦  Assignment agreements

♦  License agreements

♦  Co-existence agreements

♦  Co-ownership agreements

web 3.0

New technologies contract law

♦  NFT contrats

♦  Technology transfer or license

♦  Smart contracts

♦  Other contracts relating to new technology

Business law

Contract law in business law

♦  Commercial agreements

♦  Distribution agreements

♦  Franchising agreements

♦  Partnerships agreements

♦  Advertising agreements

♦  Confidentiality agreements

The contract

From your passage to the supermarket to the creation of your company and the development of your activity, the contract has a dominating place in many economic and social spheres. An importance all the more marked in the presence of a company or a creator/artist/inventor.


The intellectual property rights give their holder a monopoly of exploitation on the object of the right. They also allow them to conclude contracts on the object of this right in order to better valorize their intellectual property rights and to extend their commercial activity.


Specialized in intellectual property law, our team of lawyers can help and guide you in your creative adventure.


Transfer of a trademark ? Patent licensing? Coexistence agreement? Our legal advisors specialized in intellectual property law are here to help you choose the best contract for the development of your business.


Thanks to its transversal skills, our team specialized in intellectual property law is able to determine the type of contract adapted to your needs, to negotiate it and to draft it. Calling upon an intellectual property lawyer or an intellectual property attorney is to ensure that your contract is adapted to your needs.


Having the right type of contract, negotiated and drafted, is the guarantee of a prosperous and flourishing business!


The exploitation of your intellectual property rights is an important part of your business and your income. This is why Dreyfus‘ legal advisors specialized in intellectual property law make sure to draft a tailor-made contract for you.


A well-negotiated and well-drafted contract will secure your emerging rights during the development of your activity, and will greatly reduce the risk of litigation for you or your company.


Our legal advisors specialized in intellectual property law can help you draft contracts concerning both intellectual property rights (copyright and related rights) and industrial property rights (patent, trademarks, designs, domain name).


Calling upon a lawyer specialized in intellectual property law or an intellectual property attorney is to allow you to launch your project with complete peace of mind and to guarantee your intellectual property rights on your trademark, domain name, patent, etc.


Dreyfus is a firm specialized in intellectual property and digital law. Calling upon Dreyfus and its legal advisors specialized in intellectual property law allows you to guarantee the quality of your contracts, their relevance but also their security. So, don’t hesitate any longer!


Dreyfus, with its legal advisors in intellectual property law, can assist you in the following areas


♦ Contracts related to intellectual property

♦ Contracts related to new technologies

♦ Commercial contracts



Each case, each company, each activity has its own contract!