Contract law

The Dreyfus team assists you in negotiating and/or drafting tailor-made contracts, in order to guarantee their quality, legal relevance and security.

Thanks to its cross-disciplinary skills, our contract law team is able to determine which contract best suits your needs and, consequently, to draft them accordingly. Dreyfus can namely assist you in regards with:

droit des contrats de propriété intellectuelle

IP contract law

♦  Assignment agreements

♦  License agreements

♦  Co-existence agreements

♦  Co-ownership agreements

web 3.0

New technologies contract law

♦  NFT contrats

♦  Technology transfer or license

♦  Smart contracts

♦  Other contracts relating to new technology

Business law

Contract law in business law

♦  Commercial agreements

♦  Distribution agreements

♦  Franchising agreements

♦  Partnerships agreements

♦  Advertising agreements

♦  Confidentiality agreements