Our expertise

Our approach can be summed up in six fundamental actions:

1. Anticipate

Technical advancement has created a new world where, more and more, we expect to get things done instantly, forcing many companies and sectors to speedily reinvent themselves. In order to face the challenges and competition of today’s fast-paced world, anticipating change is key.

At Dreyfus, we have mastered the latest technological IP and IT tools. This enables our clients to have a clear advantage in staying informed and understanding the constant changes in digital IP and technology.

2. Protect

Our broad approach to protecting trademarks and other industrial property rights takes global factors into account. With the emergence of the Internet, there are now more companies operating and competing globally.

All brands need to be protected both in the real world, as well as in the online world.

As a pioneer in protecting trademarks for innovative companies and as an expert in digital IP issues, Dreyfus has developed methods to transform your trademark protection challenges into opportunities, in order to give you a real competitive edge.

3. Organize

Digital technology has accelerated intellectual property-related processes, while generating increased risk and additional complexity. In today’s fast-moving world, flawless organization, automation, and harmonization of IP management tools are vital.

Experienced in managing complex IP matters, Dreyfus has developed unique software to efficiently manage your trademarks, domain names, and patents.

Learn about DreyfusIPweb® software solutions.

4. Streamline

Because they are trained to anticipate and manage risks incurred by clients, Intellectual Property attorneys can sometimes be seen as obstacles to the development of new projects rather than enablers. This is not the way we view our role.

As a law firm focused on legal issues specific to new technology sectors, we are constantly seeking ways to leverage the latest technology to streamline and provide services that truly add value to our clients’ businesses.

5. Evaluate

Threats and opportunities for your business can appear at anytime and anywhere in the world.

It is important to be aware of this before you act. What should you look out for? When? How? How do you avoid drowning in a sea of data?

Dreyfus provides monitoring tools tailored to clients’ specific business needs. We can systematically evaluate when to make decisions and act.

Learn more about our monitoring services.

6. Defend

Although we encourage amicable settlements whenever possible, litigation may sometimes be inevitable.

Our team offers clients customized conflict resolution strategies to defend their rights in all areas, including intellectual property, new information and communication technologies (NICTs), and the media.

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