Have you invested time and money in developing a revolutionary product or life-changing technology?

Have you considered filing a patent registration?

Whether you are a researcher, a start-up, a large firm, an engineer or an amateur inventor, registering your patent gives you exclusive rights of use for your invention.

As an industrial property title, a patent gives the owner exclusive rights of use for up to twenty years. Having a registered patent gives you a clear competitive advantage and can be key to your growth.

Patents can technically and creatively protect all new inventions.

As soon as possible!

In order to benefit from patent protection, your invention must be new. This means that no one else has registered a patent covering the same invention, but also that no one, either professionally or in the public domain, knows about your patent.

For this reason, from the very earliest stages, it is important that no one, including yourself, discloses your invention before your register a patent. Failing to do so, could lead to losing your rights to the invention.