Industrial Property Law

What is industrial property?

Industrial property is one of the two fields of intellectual property. Its purpose is to protect and promote your inventions, innovations and industrial or commercial creations. It covers trademarks, designs, patents and other distinctive signs.

droit de la propriété industrielle

How to protect your industrial property rights?

The legal protection offered by industrial property consists in giving a natural or legal person a monopoly on an industrial asset for a specific period.

In order to protect your intangible assets, it is first necessary to file an application (for a patent, trademark, design, etc.) with the INPI, the French National Institute for Intellectual Property.

Unlike copyright, industrial property rights are not automatically acquired. This is why deposits must be made with the INPI in order to obtain the protection provided by this right.

Once the registration has been made and validated by the INPI, the creator of a trademark, the author of a model or the inventor of a patented innovation has exclusive and free use of his assets. He also benefits from protection against any reproduction or use by a third part.

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