The Intellectual Property and Intangible Assets Strategy Diagnosis



If your company is either an SME (small or medium sized enterprise) or an ETI (Ethical Trading Initiative organization) and you are looking for an opportunity to develop and structure your intangible assets at a lower cost, then you ould be eligible for the “Intellectual Property and Intangible Assets Strategy Diagnosis”,

This program has been set up by the French Public Bank of Investment (BPI France).

Dreyfus & Associés s is registered as an Expert Consultant with BPI France. Therefore, we can advise you on the relevance of such a diagnosis, the purpose of which is outlined below.  . If this is indeed something that you could benefit from,we can determine a plan to establish a commercial proposal that positions your company in its context and clarify  any  issues to be addressed during the diagnosis.



What Is The Purpose of the Intellectual Property and Intangible Assets Strategy Diagnosis?


This program is an offer of support which can provide financial analysis and consulting services provided by an Intellectual Property Expert in providing advice and counsel for protection, structuring and development of your company’s Intellectual property.

The cost of such an analysis is estimated to be between 3 000 euros and 10 000 euros (excluding VAT).  The analysis usually takes between three to ten days, however it  can extend for up to three months to be completed.  This program significantly helps an organization where the BPI finances will cover up to 80% of the Legal Experts’ services.

This support includes an inventory of existing intangible assets, the implemented valuation actions, and an analysis of the company’s maturity in conjunction with understanding the challenges of building these intangible assets.

In retrospect,  the diagnosis allows the company to obtain a comprehensive strategy of recommendations to be adopted for the management and valorization of assets.


Eligibility Requirements for Intellectual Property and Intangible Assets Strategy Diagnosis is intended for:



◊ SME’s (Small and medium-sized enterprises) and ETI’s (Ethical Trading Initiatives)


◊ Must be registered in France


◊ With a workforce of less than 2 000 employees


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