New Technology Contract Law and Web 3.0

With the development of new information and communication technology, there is a need to regulate issues relating to this subject. The law of new technology contract is at the crossroads of existing legal fields and, in a digital world centered around  the Internet, legal advice appears to be essential for the development of projects related to new technologies.

web 3.0

What is our expertise in new technology and Web 3.0 contracts?

NFT Contrat

With the help of partner law firms with expertise in NFT law, we assist our clients in all stages of their innovative projects, particularly in the contractual field.

Smart contract

A Smart Contract is a computer protocol based on a blockchain that allows automatic execution of certain types of contractual clauses defined beforehand.

Principally, the Smart Contract governs the conditions of transfer of the NFT.

TEchnology transfer or license

Technology transfer agreements are major assets for the different innovative companies. Technology can be defined as a set of tools, techniques and know-how that a company has developed for a product or service and wishes to offer for sale. Technology transfer is the operation whereby a company transfers its technology to enable the development of different markets.

The most commonly used contract is the licence agreement, which allows the creator of the technology to retain rights to ownership of the intellectual property. This type of contract is usually accompanied by a royalty fee based on the revenue generated by the technology, on top of the lump sum provided for in the contract.

It is essential to frame technology transfer contracts in the most efficient way. Dreyfus assists you with the development of your innovative projects on Web 2.0 or Web 3.0.

IT Contrats 

The term “IT contract” is not subject to a legal or regulatory definition or a specific legal regime. It refers to contracts for the sale, rental or provision of services relating to a computer system. The Dreyfus law firm assists you in:

 ♦ The drafting, negotiation and audit of your various IT contracts (development contracts, user licence, maintenance contracts, etc.)

 ♦ The drafting of software development contract

 ♦ The drafting of software licence agreements

The firm also offers you its expertise in new technology contract matters relating to

 ♦ Subscription agreements

 ♦ Development contracts

 ♦ Managed services contracts

 ♦ Maintenance contracts

 ♦ Outsourcing contracts

♦ Software integration contracts

Other contracts relating to new technology

Dreyfus also assists you in other more specific projects, in both Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 like legal frameworks related to the creation of  blockchains, cryptocurrencies and others. We also handle the registration and purchase of decentralised domain names and develop strategies to protect your trademarks or other intangible assets protected by intellectual property.

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