Defence of industrial property assets in pre-litigation proceedings

How to defend industrial property assets in pre-litigation proceedings?

When a dispute arises, it is essential to take steps prior to any legal action. Dreyfus Law Firm assists you in your steps such as the drafting of demand letters or requests to lift the anonymous status of a domain name holder.

The Dreyfus team takes all possible steps to avoid litigation and to promote an amicable settlement of conflicts. Dreyfus also assists you in your negotiations.

Depending on the circumstances of the dispute, an amicable solution can be found.

pre-litigation proceedings

How to implement an effective strategy to protect and defend your intellectual property assets?

Personalized studies and solutions


Optimizing the protection and defense of your intangible asset rights is at the heart of the business of Dreyfus & Associates. Our team of experts offers you a developed and personalized strategy that is particularly adapted to your challenges, your needs as well as the industrial sector in which you operate.

We are able to support you through defining clear recommendations and objectives, to set them out in a customized roadmap, that contains an action plan that is specifically designed to take into account your imperatives and your development prospects.

Collaborative work in which you have an active role


The success of developing a strategy is based on a true collaboration between you and our experts. At each stage of your projects and at each stage of the operation of your intellectual property portfolio, our firm is at your disposal and offers you a legal strategy that is complementary to your business strategy.

Long-term monitoring


Our team of experts regularly readjusts strategies to accommodate your evolving goals and other relevant factors.
These reviews will keep you updated on the value of your intellectual property assets, so that you can measure your bargaining power, as well as to address legal issues relevant to your industry promptly.