How to protect your designs?

You can obtain the protection of designs!

Whether you are a start-up, a small or medium-sized business, a large global corporation or even if you are an amateur artist, protecting your designs and products, particularly if for commercial use, can be crucial and add significant value to your product.

Dreyfus will advise you on the best protection to adopt.

The commercial aspects are considerable. Your unique product design contributes to defining your identity and differentiates you from your competitors.

A registered design is an industrial property title, which enables you to have exclusive usage rights for your product’s unique shape and appearance for five years, renewable every five years, and for up to twenty-five years.

In addition to protecting the appearance of your product, your design may also be copyright protected if it meets the criteria as an original work.

You can also trademark protect a graphic design, such as a logo.

As soon as possible!

To register a design, it must be new and have its own distinct features. This means that your design cannot look like something the market has seen before or have a common shape. To protect its originality, it is important not to disclose your design before registering it.

In order to be sure that your design is unique, a prior rights search should be conducted to verify whether an identical or semi-identical design already exists. In the event a similar design already exists, you may not be able to protect your design.