How to protect your plant variety?

Have you thought about protecting your plant varieties?

🌱You have created a new plant variety and wish to protect your rights? You are the holder of a plant variety certificate and a third party infringes your rights ?

protection obtentions végétales

Dreyfus assists you in protecting your new varieties and in defending your interests during their exploitation in France and abroad.

Plant varieties are protected by a special plant variety certificate.

The plant variety certificate gives protection to the breeder for up to 30 years.

With this certificate, the breeder acquires the right to exclusively exploit the protected variety. It is then necessary to obtain prior authorization from the breeder to further exploit the plant variety. This protection of the of the plant variety makes it possible to reward breeders for their work, provided that it is distincthomogeneousstable and new.

As soon as possible!

To benefit from a plant variety certificate, you must apply to the Committee for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants (French certificate) or the Community Plant Variety Office (European certificate).

Dreyfus is here to guide you and verify that your variety meets the requirements for plant variety certification: noveltydistinctivenessuniformity and stability. When your variety meets the conditions for protection by the plant variety certificate, our experts carry out the necessary registration formalities.

Dreyfus supports you throughout the development of your plant variety. Our experts manage your filing requests, the administrative procedures, and provide you with sound advice in legal proceedings.

With the support of Dreyfus, you can create, enhance and protect your plant varieties with complete peace of mind!