The new convention between the French State and AFNIC comes into force on 1st July 2022

This agreement will set out AFNIC‘s work priorities for the years to come. One of the main aims is the development of the <.fr>.


The growth of the <.fr> will be achieved through concrete actions such as helping companies in their digital transition. In fact, AFNIC has implemented a support system to enable SMEs and VSEs to develop their presence online.

In this Convention, AFNIC has committed to investing 2% of its turnover in order to apply tariff cuts as well as to simplify registration interfaces and to organise a faster and more efficient data management system.

AFNIC has also committed to investing 10% of its turnover in innovation to consolidate its social and environmental responsibility and is committed to achieve carbon neutrality for the <.fr>.

AFNIC and the French State wish to continue the work that has already been started with the aim of developing and strengthening the <.fr>.