Dreyfus manages the monitoring of your trademarks, domain names, social networks and designs.

We have developed IPweb®, a tool that allows us to monitor and automatically detect IP filings identical or similar to yours. We are able to take steps against any potential infringement before a similar trademark or design enters the market.

IPweb® provides direct access to a company’s domain name monitoring services. It covers all social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn as well as advertising platforms such as Google Adwords. Your intellectual property assets are therefore constantly monitored and we can alert you quickly in the event of a breach.

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Dreyfus is able to fight against counterfeiting in cooperation
with French and European customs authorities.

We can act accordingly if goods likely to infringe your rights are identified at customs. As a provisional measure we can seize such goods, allowing you to exercise your rights before the merchandise enters the market.

Our domain names monitoring services

Priorit-search among all extensions (gTLDs, ccTLDs, new gTLDs)

Acquisition, sale and transfer of domain names

Implementation of a domain name governance policy including the implementation of an optimized naming strategy :
– Commercial policy analysis,
– Analysis of trademark ranking,
– Analysis of trademark and domain name consistency,
– Identification and securing of strategic names,
– Associated deposit and defense strategy / optimal cybersecurity strategy,
– A highly secure domain name management platform.

Monitoring and protection of your trademarks among domain names via a warning system from our surveillance tools.

Security: blocking of the domain name by the registrar, deactivation of the registrant’s account, deactivation of mail servers.

Alternative Dispute Resolution Actions (ADR): URS, UDRP / legal actions.

Why to monitor my trademark?

A successful trademark registration does not mean that your trademark is automatically protected. Nonetheless, your trademark has an undeniable business value and as such needs to be monitored and defended. One of the important issues is that public entities such as the INPI, EUIPO or WIPO are not required to notify prior trademark owners when a third-party applicant files an application for a similar or identical trademark. Since these organisms do not assess whether trademark applications are likely to infringe earlier trademarks, it is up to the applicants to perform a prior art search. In other words, careful trademark monitoring is very important for an optimal and durable protection of your trademark. However, identifying risks and responding accurately, effectively and timely to potential harms is not always obvious.

That is why the Dreyfus team helps you monitor and protect your trademarks online. First, we detect potential infringements, then we inform you in due time when a (strongly) similar or identical trademark is filed. Thanks to our innovative Dreyfus IPweb® solution, we are able to monitor and automatically detect trademark filings that are identical or similar to yours and to take steps against any potential infringement before a similar trademark enters the market. We provide direct access to a company’s domain name monitoring services. Your trademarks are constantly monitored and you will be swiftly alerted in the event of a breach.

Our team helps you assess the similarity of the signs and the products/ services, the chances of success and measures that should be taken. It is important to act as quickly as possible and to contact the third-party applicant at an early stage, by sending him a warning, a letter of formal notice or even by filing an opposition against the trademark application to ensure that the said applicant uses an alternative name.