Social Networks and Applications

Today, every company faces the challenge of ensuring its presence on social networks.

Social networks and applications allow direct communication with potential customers. But on the other side, the risk of intellectual property infringements has increased (false accounts, trademark infringements, phishing, counterfeiting, parasitism, etc.).


Dreyfus offers its expertise to its clients, whether they are large companies, start-ups or SMEs, and assists them to manage their online presence and to defend their rights on the Internet both on a national and international level:

  •  • Establishing a social media strategy on the presence of the trademark on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram …

Protecting your intellectual property assets is necessary to secure your investments.


Since the democratization of smartphones and tablets, mobile applications have become a real must in various sectors. It is therefore essential to ensure that your application complies with the applicable regulations and that your application is legally protected.


Creating a mobile app raises many legal protection issues such as:

o Is my software protected?
o When do I need to protect my name/logo of my app?
o How do I protect my icons and interface?
o How do I protect my idea and the concept of my app?

Our team assists you at every step in setting up, distributing and protecting a mobile application, provides appropriate answers to these questions through:

Conducting studies: Feasibility studies , Project studies

Filing trademarks 

Drafting contracts: General terms and conditions of sale , Privacy policy, Provision of service, accommodation and maintenance

The protection of personal data : drafting of the Cookies policy, the general conditions of the site, the general sale conditions, etc.