Alain Barois

doctor in industrial property law

Alain Barois

Alain Baroisboasts an illustrious career spanning over four decades, dedicated to the realm of trademark law

With a solid foundation laid by luminaries such as Professors André Françon and Albert Chavanne, Alain embarked on his academic journey, culminating in a thesis that delved into the intricate nexus between fraud and trademark law. Following this scholarly achievement, he honed his legal acumen by practicing at a renowned Parisian law firm, where he garnered invaluable experience for five years.

Subsequently, Alain’s path led him to the legal department of a prominent agro-alimentary conglomerate, encompassing esteemed brands such as Générale Biscuit, LU, Heudebert, and L’Alsacienne. During his tenure, he emerged as the pivotal liaison between the corporation’s legal team and its dynamic marketing departments, affording him unparalleled insights into the nuanced demands of marketing stakeholders.

Harnessing this dual-faceted expertise, Alain embarked on a new chapter in March 1987, founding the esteemed firm A. Barois. Over the years, he has provided invaluable counsel to an extensive roster of clients, ranging from small enterprises to global enterprises with a truly international reach.

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In a remarkable development, 2022 marked a pivotal moment in Alain Barois’s career, as he chose to unite his unparalleled skills with Dreyfus et Associés.