Research Agreements

Dreyfus assists you in drafting of research contracts, technology transfer, know-how and contracts related to employee invention.

The research contract establishes an agreement between a higher education research institution and one or more external partners, private or public. This contract organizes and supervises a research or service project.

Technology transfer agreements are developing at the same rate as the number of patents filed is increasing. The transfer of technology to a third party corresponds to a transfer of knowledge or a set of data related to an innovative product, which may result in a financial transaction.

Does your company possess know-how and you would like to leverage ? Are you hesitating between keeping your invention secret and file a patent application ?

It is important to carefully choose the most appropriate method between direct or indirect use by a third party, through know-how transfer or license. Such contracts should to be strictly regulated as to make the best use of your know-how.

Employee inventions and creations are subject to specific rules and can result in a separate contract.