The <.eu> extension against Brexit

Source: EURid, registry of the <.eu> extension  The United Kingdom parted from the European Union on January 31, 2020. As … Continued

What happens to trademark and design-related IP rights post-Brexit?

The Withdrawal Agreementwas recently ratified by the United Kingdom (UK) and European Union (EU) Parliaments. Therefore, the UK and EU … Continued

Brexit &#8211; an unexpected impact on cigarette pack picture warnings

  In order to be prepared for any outcomes, including a “no deal” Brexit (a scenario in which the UK … Continued

“No deal” Brexit and trademark rights

  In case where the European Commission Draft Withdrawal Agreement is signed and ratified by the parties, it will offer … Continued

Keep calm: the Brexit and designs

Consequences of the Brexit: a comparison between the state of trademarks and that of designs.

Protection of trademarks on English-speaking territories: difference between the national approach and the European approach in the context of Brexit

The June 2016 vote in favor of Brexit was a game-changer for the protection of trademark rights within the European Union.

The consequences of a Brexit on trademarks and patents

What will be the consequences of the Brexit on trademarks and patents if “no” to the European Union were to prevail during the referendum of June 23, 2016?

Unified Patent Court: will it come into effect in the second quarter of 2017?

The Agreement on the Unified Patent Court is moving forward: it could be operative in the second quarter of 2017.