Trademark Modernization Act

Trademark Modernization Act: new fast and efficient procedures to challenge non-used U.S. registered trademarks. The United States Trademark system is … Continued

Are trademark payment notices always to be trusted?

Prepare and prevent, don’t repair and prevent…This saying also applies to trademarks, since fraudulent payment notices are becoming more and … Continued

How does the departure of Lionel Messi from FC Barcelona demonstrate the influence of players on the Intellectual Property rights of soccer clubs?

Underlying the performance of athletes, soccer clubs are engaged in a big race to develop their respective trademarks. FC Barcelona, … Continued

What are the challenges of zombie trademarks?

 The protection of intangible assets as well as the efficient management of zombie trademarks or patents  portfolio contribute to the … Continued

Why is the well-knownness of an earlier trademark not enough to qualify bad faith?

La notoriété d’une marque ne suffit pas à garantir le transfert d’un nom de domaine similaire   Rémy Martin & … Continued

How to bring an action for invalidity or revocation of a trademark before the French Trademark Office INPI?

On April 1, 2020, a new trademark action nullity or revocation procedure entered into force, with the PACTE law. This … Continued

How to protect your brands in the digital era?

“Intellectual property was viewed with passion – and in a style steeped in pre-Romanticism! – as “the most sacred, the … Continued

United States: what are the options to protect a trademark?

When a company wants to export its activity to the American market, it is essential that it think about protecting … Continued

The new trademark nullity procedure before the French Trademark Office (INPI)

On April 1, 2020, a new trademark invalidity procedure came into force with the French “PACTE” legislation. This law transposes … Continued

The difficult recognition of colour trademarks

Article L 711-1 of the French Intellectual Property Code states that “figurative signs such as (…) arrangements, combinations or shades … Continued