Audit of your intellectual property rights

How to evaluate and value your industrial property assets?

Valuation and auditAny company who wishes to maximize its profits should organize periodic and systematic checks of all its industrial property rights.


The Dreyfus & Associates team operates in many domains, which allows the firm to have a global and transversal view of the potential value of your assets. Auditing your intellectual property assets is an essential step to anticipate risks such as conflicts concerning ownership or the loss of rights on an unused trademark or the expiration of your trademark rights. The audit also allows you to have a clear and exact image of the state of your rights. These audits are crucial, for instance if you want to sell your business, or to detect particular hidden assets such as know-how, which are often left out in the valuation of your rights but are nonetheless important pieces of added value.


Therefore, we carry out two fundamental actions:

Accurate assessment of your intellectual property rights


As a multidisciplinary law firm, Dreyfus & Associates allows you to have a sharp vision of what has or is able to have a commercial and legal value for your business. We help you to systematically and precisely assess your intellectual property assets as well as the risks and opportunities that they present. Why is it important to conduct audits? Because regular evaluation is relevant to preserve and improve your intellectual property. Through a thorough audit, we can clarify situations that are potentially detrimental to your business, and calculate and determine the opportunities and risks associated with your intellectual property. These audits will be an asset when negotiating licensing or assignment agreements.

The strategy to exploit your intellectual property rights


The Dreyfus team offers you personalized recommendations to strengthen your rights. We help you to make the most of your rights, we assist you to apply for and register (inter)national trademarks, patents or designs, and to react immediately to imminent infringements of your IP rights. In short, we can help you analyze your activities and jointly determine the best method to use your rights, to “extract commercial value through the management of intellectual property”.

Thus, the industrial property assessment and valuation services offered by the Dreyfus team will assist you throughout the process, allowing you to have an accurate and global overview of your situation, both from a legal, commercial and technological perspective.