Filing, renewal and inscription

How to register your industrial property rights?

Dépôt et renouvellementBy registering your industrial property assets, you benefit from protection even before you start using them. Seeking the support of the firm Dreyfus & Associates will allow you to advance your activities quickly, without worrying about the filing formalities.

Dreyfus Law Firm assists you from the filing to the actual registration of your industrial property assets. Each Intellectual Property title requires specific conditions to be eligible for protection.



Our team advises you on the opportunity of filing, by proposing an adapted filing strategy, including availability searches, in-depth investigations, usage surveys or the elaboration of an adapted filing strategy. And assist you at each step of the procedure with the competent offices.

How to renew your industrial property rights?

Dreyfus also proceeds to the renewal of your industrial property rights with the competent offices, whether it is the INPI, the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), or a foreign national office.

Each intellectual property title has a specific term of protection, which can be renewed.
Our team makes sure to proceed to the renewal in a fluid way thanks to its IPWeb® platform in order to avoid any interruption of your rights.

What should I record? And how to proceed with the inscription of industrial property titles?

All actions that may affect your industrial property rights must be recorded with the national trademark registers and in France with the INPI.

Among these actions, there are in particular:

– Contribution to a company

– Assignment

– Merger, absorption, split

– Sale of a business

– Sale by auction

– Transmission by death

– Judicial liquidation

– License

– Pledge or collateral

– Seizure notified

– Cancellation of a pledge or seizure

– Dissolution of a company with universal transmission of assets

Why proceed with the inscription of these acts?

Regardless of the nature of the act, or the use made of the Intellectual Property title, the inscription of the acts related to these titles allows them to be used against third parties.


Our team can assist you in determining the acts requiring inscription, but also in the proper drafting of these acts so that your rights are protected in the best way. Indeed, the inscription of acts can sometimes be complex because the procedures depend on the nature of the act and its effect on your assets. It is therefore essential to be accompanied by an Intellectual Property attorney in order to avoid any inconvenience related to an inscription refusal.