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Symbole présenceMonth after month, the visible market share of trademarks on the Internet becomes stronger. Simple < Websites > in the beginning, now a high volume of business activity is taking place online each day. New situations for trademarks, designs and domain names have occurred such as:

Operating trademarks in advertising and communication in particular for sponsored links such as Google Adwords;


Increasing difficulty in controlling the presence of trademarks on social networks like Facebook and Twitter;

Importance of promoting internationally-known trademarks in e-commerce, sometimes alongside official distribution contracts;

Parasitism and cybersquatting in the world of domain names is known to have multiplied in the era of the < new gTLDs > extensions.


Protecting your company’s presence on the internet is not only at the core of your strategy, but even more complex to understand.

Involved in all international discussions about the respect and protection of rights holders on the internet, advising major traditional industrial actors heavily impacted by the rise of e-commerce and the increasing use of trademarks on the web, Dreyfus has mastered all the issues related to your internet presence.

Social Medias offer trademarks owners opportunities to communicate directly with potential customers, but at the same time, trigger off challenges in protecting them against infringements.

Dreyfus will advise and assist you in optimizing your presence on the Internet, including on Social Medias, and in identifying major risks areas, monitoring and implementing actions required … and prioritize, avoiding wasted effort and investments in a world that is becoming almost infinite.



  • Analysis of your presence on social media.
  • Username portfolio management : registration and recovery of usernames
  • Protection, valorization and optimization of trademarks in domain names
  • Contracting practices such as redaction and negotiation of licenses, co-ownership contracts, coexistence agreements and domain names transactions.
  • Online monitoring through the Dreyfus IPweb® : detection of rights infringement on social networks such as Facebook®, Linkedin®, Twitter®, Myspace®, Dailymotion®, Youtube®, Instagram®, Pinterest®.
  • Watching of Intellectual Property Rights on smartphone and tablet application markets, in particular on iTunes and Google Play.
  • Domain names Infringement, counterfeiting, cyber-squatting and unfair competition cases.
  • Anti identity theft on Social Medias procedures.
  • Cease and desist letters, take-down notices and usernames recovery.
  • Coexistence and settlement negotiations.
  • Online notification procedures.
  • Litigation and disputes.
  • Anti-piracy and anti-counterfeiting procedures.
  • New generic extensions (gTLDs) strategies


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Trademark reform package – Deletion of the requirement for graphic representation

Posted on 16 April 2019

Following our previous analysis of the modifications generated by the draft enactment project of the “Trademark Package” in French law, we focus our analysis here on the elimination of the graphical representation requirement.

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Analysis of the risk of confusion between a domain name and a trademark within the scope of the UDRP proceedings

Posted on 10 April 2019

SOURCE: WOPI, Arbitration and Mediation Centre, 15 November 2018, No. D2018-1865, Medical Marijuana, Inc. v. Domains By Proxy, LLC / Michael Wigton, <>  The opinions of the experts may diverge regarding how to interpret the conditions of the UDRP. Here, it is the first of the conditions that is under discussion, the one according to […]

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