.CL: The new regulations for the registration of domain names and the resolution of disputes will take effect from December 1st 2013

business-dreyfus-81-150x150The Chilean registry responsible for .CL has recently announced changes that will take place for registrations and dispute resolution that will bring them into line with current global practices.


These changes will take effect from December 1st 2013 and include three major modifications:


  • Registrations will be available to foreign entities and individuals without requiring the involvement of a local agent,
  • Immediate registration for domain names is now possible due to the removal of the waiting period and
  • Mediation will be replaced by arbitration.


The arbitration will be a procedure conducted exclusively via Internet and in Spanish. The arbitrator can, however, accept documents in other languages, and request a translation if necessary. Once the arbitrator has gathered all the evidence provided by the parties involved in the dispute and has declared that no further evidence will be admitted, no other document may be presented before the final decision unless the arbitrator himself makes the specific request to clarify a point of contention.