(re)Birth of the dispute resolution system for the .fr

The Electronic Communication French Minister of has just approved the new dispute resolution system developed by AFNIC. Its name is Syreli.

The new procedure will come into force as from November 21, 2011 for .fr and .re extensions. It will come into force as from December 6, 2011 for the other extensions managed by AFNIC.

The details of the procedure can be summarized as follows:
• The domain name must have been created or renewed after July 1, 2011;
• The decision is based solely on the documents and statements filed by both parties;
• The procedure lasts about 60 days;
• The decision is rendered by a 3 member panel;
• The decision can reject the complaint, cancel or transfer the domain name;
• The decision will be suspended if a judicial procedure is initiated 15 days as from the decision;
• The examination fee is €250 excl. VAT. It is paid by complainant.

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