China reopens .cn registrations for foreign companies as to September 3, 2012

For a few years until now, the registration of china’s .cn top level domain (TLD) has been accessible with limited access to foreign individuals and companies. The aim was to fight cybersquatting.

However, the Chinese government has decided to reopen .cn registrations to foreign companies and individuals. The China Internet Network Information Centre (CNNIC) has set requirements which came into effect on Monday, September 3, 2012 that foreign companies and individuals have to follow in order to register .cn domain names.

Foreign companies are now able to register .cn domain names in their own name as long as they respect the requirements issued by CNNIC. Registrants have to provide a copy of their business license and the contact ID of the person responsible in the company. A signed letter of Commitment is no longer required.

When it comes to individuals, there is one simple condition: providing a copy of an official document containing the name such as a passport, ID card.

It seems that fighting cybersquatting is not the primary goal of the Chinese authorities anymore !

We can expect an increase of cybersquatting in the .cn