The Trade Mark Clearinghouse challenged: launch of a sunrise period for « .JOBS »

business-dreyfus-81-150x150Restricted only to companies until now, Employ Media intend to liberalize the “.jobs” in a very near future.

For the first time, an actual live TLD will have its conditions for registration changed from a restricted status to a public one. This evolution is very important as any natural or legal person will be allowed to register a domain name in “.jobs”.

Before the opening of this “General Availability” period, Employ Media plans to offer, as for the new gTLDs, a “Sunrise period” in order to allow trademarks owners who have registered their trademarks in the Trade Mark Clearinghouse Database (TMCH) to register corresponding domains.

ICANN has welcomed this initiative with great enthusiasm. Indeed, this unprecedented approach will be a real challenge for the TMCH which will be able to trial the efficiency of its process set up for New gTLDs.

There is still no date scheduled for the launch of the Sunrise Period. Employ Media has not specified if the trademarks owners who have not registered their trademarks in the TMCH will be allowed to benefit from this Sunrise Period either. Nonetheless, the TMCH is already the center of all attention.