First Sunrises for new gTLDs

شبكةbusiness-dreyfus-81-150x150 . (.SHABAKA)

The Sunrise phase for شبكة. (.SHABAKA), the generic term for “the Internet”, is still in progress. Domain names under this new gTLD are available in Arabic script only.


As a reminder, the different phases are as followed:


  • Sunrise period : from 31 October to 29 December 2013,
  • Landrush period : from 2 to 31 January 2014, and
  • General Availability (on First-Come, First-Serve basis) : from 4 February 2014.


To participate in the Sunrise phase, it is mandatory to have a registered trademark in the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) and corresponding SMD files.


Donuts Sunrises

Donuts Inc program was partly known. It is now confirmed that 7 new gTLDs will be added to the first 7 already announced for the Sunrise. The different phases of the program are as followed:


  • Sunrises :

Sunrise from 26 November 2013 to 24 January 2014 : the new gTLDs offered will be .BIKE, .CLOTHING, .GURU, .HOLDINGS, .PLUMBING, .SINGLES and .VENTURES

Sunrise from 3 December 2013 to 31 January 2014 : the new gTLDs available will be .CAMERA, .EQUIPMENT, .ESTATE, .GALLERY, .GRAPHICS, .LIGHTING and .PHOTOGRAPHY .


  • Early Access Program :

From 29 January to 4 February 2014, new gTLDs will be available on a “First-Come, First-Serve” basis. EAP application fees will vary in price according to the day of the week. It will not be possible to register Premium names.


  • General Availability :

From 5 February or 12 February 2014 (depending on the starting date of the Sunrise), names will be available to everyone on a “First-Come, First-Serve” basis.


.XYZ and .COLLEGE : Pre-Sunrise Premium names auction


Auction sales announced by Namejet and XYZ.COM registry for 40 domain names including new gTLDs .XYZ and .COLLEGE are still in progress since their launch on 6 November, and will be closed from 22 November 2013 (for names such as LOANS.COLLEGE or LONDON.XYZ) to 28 February 2014 (for UNDERGRAD.COLLEGE or SCHOLARSHIPS.COLLEGE). The highest bidders will take possession of the domains when they become available after the Sunrise period in 2014.


A full list of domains available under auction can be found at :


Minds + Machines launches priority reservations for .BEST, .CASA, .CEO, .COOKING and .HORSE

Minds + Machines announced a Priority Reservation program. It is possible to make a domain name reservation under new gTLDs .BEST, .CASA, .CEO, .COOKING and .HORSE before they are available during the General Availability period.


However, names registered during the Sunrise period are still priority. Names subjected to priority reservations corresponding to registered names in the Sunrise period will be refunded.


Registration prices will depend on the chosen domain name.