Dreyfus nominated Boutique IP Law Firm of the Year by “Acquisition International” magazine

Boutique IP Law Firm of the Year - France logo2Dreyfus has been nominated “Boutique IP Law Firm of the Year” (1) in “Acquisition International” magazine’s “Legal Awards 2013”.

Nathalie Dreyfus explains in an interview that the firm’s expertise in the protection and enforcement of trademarks on the internet has played a key role in this recognition.


Since 10 years, Dreyfus routinely handles litigations and has acquired the necessary experience to anticipate the outcomes of disputes.

Dreyfus also points out that there are some trends in the field of intellectual property. Examples would include not only the opportunity to file – and protect – an international trademark in many countries in one shot, but also “the interdependence between intellectual property and the digital economy” with the launch of new gTLDs which will accelerate the need “to adjust the legal strategies of companies relating to the presence of their trademarks on the internet.”


Dreyfus has also been described as “excellent” in the rankings of the best IP law firms of “Décideurs” magazine (2). We find out what serves to distinguish the firm from the rest: a stronger “relationship between the protection of intellectual property and new technologies, especially concerning domain names” and its active involvement “with arbitration centers and with ICANN in particular.”

(1)    http://acquisition-intl.com
(2)   Magazine « Décideurs – Marketing, Médias », 2013 Edition.