ICANN reacts to possible collisions with new gTLD strings

business-dreyfus-81-150x150After leading a study concerning the likelihood and impact of collisions between applied-for new gTLD strings and non-delegated TLDs, ICANN suggests to the community mitigation measures in order to avoid collisions.

Those problems may occur when local top-level domains in private namespace reach the public DNS while they already exist or when certificate authorities issue X.509 certificates for domain names that are not resolvable in the public DNS.

The study emphasises three categories of strings by the potential risk of name space collision: low risk, uncalculated risk and high risk. For each one of them, the program offers a determined and made to measure management process.

In this way, Potential risk of collision

  • for low risk gTLD strings, the study proposes proceeding with contracting and delegation of these strings but recommending additional mitigation measures without impacting their timeline for delegation,
  • for uncalculated risk gTLD strings, the delivery date should be extended by 3 to 6 months, and
  • for high risk strings which are .home and .corp, the process will be delayed until those strings goes to low risk category.


The new gTLD string delegation process is long and delicate. At this stage, all these steps are proposals only and opened to the Internet community’s comments.