Myanmar (Burma): new IP Law publication postponed

Symbole copyrightThe publication of the new Intellectual Property law expected in July was delayed and should be in force in 2014.


As a matter of fact, Myanmar government has to re-draft some additional requirements of WTO (1) and WIPO (2). Until then, the existing law is still effective.


So, there is not yet examination system for Trademark Application or Certificate of Trademark Registration deliveries, but a Declaration of Ownership of Trademark should be filled with Office of the Registrar of Deeds in Yangon, Myanmar capital.

This declaration is an initial evidence of use in case of dispute and can be supported by records publication on local newspaper.


This declaration has no precise validity period, but it is recommended to renew the record in every 3 years. First and last declarations will be strong evidences of use in case of possible disputes.


(1) World Trade Organization.
(2) World Intellectual Property Organization.