Nathalie Dreyfus speaks on cyber-bullying in the programme “The 51%” on France 24

business-dreyfus-81-150x150Online harassment has developed from the web 2.0 as well as from the advent of the social networks, thus differentiating from physical harassment.

In “The 51%”, Nathalie Dreyfus relates on the particularities of virtual harassment and the means to solve it with Olivia Salazar-Winspread. Harassment suffered by woman is alarming. However, procedures currently set up by social networks are inadequate and unclear. Changes are afoot, but will not be instantaneous.

The broadcasts of the programme are scheduled as follows:

16:45:00               Friday 14/02
05:45:00               Saturday 15/02
13:10:00               Saturday 15/02
22:45:00               Saturday 15/02
09:45:00               Sunday 16/02
14:45:00               Sunday 16/02
19:15:00               Sunday 16/02
00:45:00               Monday 17/02
17:45:00               Monday 17/02
10:16:00               Tuesday 18/02
16:16:00               Tuesday 18/02

The programme “The 51%” is also visible on the website of France 24.


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