Digital consultation: what are the goals?

An important consultation on digital technology was launched on October 4 by the French Prime Minister, Manuel Valls. It is headed by the French Digital Council (CNNum) and is accessible to all on until January, 2015.

CNNum invites all French people to submit their opinions and expertise to identify the key issues of digital technology. Therefore, companies, associations and citizens can address questions relating to the impact of digital technologies on the economy and society.  The public can also comment on the practicability of the proposed solutions.

The consultation has been open since October 4 and covers topics such as “Growth, innovation, disruption” or “Loyalty in the digital environment.” As from November 3, two other themes are available: “The digital transformation of public action” and “society faced with digital transformation.” Yet, the schedule is tight, with only a few weeks to gather the proposals of the French public on matters of great significance. Axelle Lamaire, State Secretary for digital economy, cites urgency as a justification for the short timeframe, since “some would wish to acquire the Internet space to make it an object of power.”

For each topic, brainstorming sessions will be organized throughout France. Through this consultation, everyone can evaluate the proposals of CNNum, take a stance for or against them and make new proposals. A summary will be prepared based on a quantitative and qualitative analysis of the contributions made. On this basis, the CNNum members shall craft a global vision for each theme. This appraisal will allow the CNN-um to propose several topics to the government for a draft law.

The program is a comprehensive one … But, according to Manuel Valls and Benoît Thieulin, President of CNNum, the consultation should help to “define the kind of society we want to live in tomorrow.” Achieving these goals will depend on the success of this consultation and on the government subsequently.

To be followed.